Justice & Detention

Layton is the contractor of choice for a large list of municipalities, states and detention facility owners throughout the United States. This fact speaks to our knowledge of the unique elements of justice and detention facilities and our ability to clearly communicate multiple solutions to our clients.


Throughout our history, Layton has completed every project without contract failure or surety assistance, another reason Layton is a respected leader among the municipal and public construction segment. We know our reputation as a nationally-ranked construction manager is dependent on the success of every project we undertake. More importantly, we understand the value­ of completing your project on schedule in a process that’s transparent, measurable and predictable. Large or small, your project will benefit from our experience and processes.

Layton’s detention project teams have specialized skills to meet the unique requirements of each project, whether it is to complete an expansion while maintaining a secure facility, or to utilize advanced technology systems for a high-security building. Layton’s extensive resume of detention projects and the knowledge gained through this experience adds a level of sophistication to the design and construction process. We will use this expertise to assist owners and architects through every phase of the project, ensuring a positive outcome, with the quality you expect from a nationally-ranked contractor.