Google Fiber

2,000 SF

Salt Lake City, UT

Google Fiber's lobby and showroom are one large open space in an upscale mall in Salt Lake City.

The Fiber Space is a storefront location where people can go to try out and test various speeds of internet to see what all the excitement of one gigabit is all about.

The open interior is a nod to both industrial and contemporary styles with the exposed brick wall mixed with sleek rounded counter tops and wall graphics. The brick wall and exposed steel beams are a perfect match for the urban setting while glass walls and the open floor plan give visitors lots of elbow room.

Besides retail space in which customers can experience Google Fiber firsthand and learn more about other retail services, the store include space for classes and seminars - what Google calls "the community's living room,"

Layton Construction built Google Fiber's Retail Store in downtown Salt Lake City.

Google Fiber can use its retail space to introduce customers to Google products and services and also for training and seminars.
Google Fiber likes to call its retail space in Salt Lake City the community living room.